Educational Status of Pakistan: Pre- and Post-18th Amendment Scenario

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The 18th Constitutional Amendment 2010 introduced significant changes with regard to the devolution of powers to sub-national governments, having a direct bearing on the education sector. In this context, an attempt is made in this research to analyze the performance of provincial governments in terms of five core indicators of educational achievement before and after the Amendment. The household data of Pakistan Social and Living-Standard Measurement surveys are used to compute indicators related to education.
To summarize the status and growth in the indicators of educational achievement, noncompensatory composite indices are developed. The methodology of these indices ensures that all indicators have the same importance, and a full compensation among them is not allowed. The results of this exercise broadly indicate comparatively low growth in the composite values of indicators of educational performance during the post -18h Amendment period, especially in Sindh province.

JEL Classification: I21, I28
Keywords: Education, Non-compensatory Composite Indices, 18th Amendment to the Constitution, Pakistan