Interactive Dialogues on Countering Violent Extremism

Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC) is undertaking a series of informed and interactive dialogues, on various topics covering a range of the drivers of violent extremism (VE) in Pakistan. The aim of the project is to increase understanding of violent extremism related issues by government representatives and different stakeholders, and increase capacity of civil society to organize and advocate for CVE and therefore contribute to increased broad-based citizen engagement in community decision making. SPDC will hold four interactive dialogues and develop position papers on the following topics: 

1. Nexus between intolerance and VE
2. Unemployment, youth and VE
3. Institutional/governance failure and violent extremism
4. Linkage between corruption, elite impunity and VE 

The activity will connect stakeholders, such as government officials, parliamentarians, influential leaders, and CBOs from Karachi in order to render increased CVE understanding. These dialogues will lead to follow-up meetings to disseminate key findings from position papers developed after the dialogues and advocacy related plans. The activity will be culminated by a provincial level conference where policy recommendations for CVE will be presented.